The world has been facing a lot of turmoil. In the last couple of months, humans have experienced both the good and the bad side of mother earth. While people were forced to stay indoors due to coronavirus and its serious impact on human life, we saw ‘Mother Nature’ getting restored to a great extent with animals roaming around freely on the streets to marine life coming to the bay. On Friday, as the planet celebrates ‘World Environment Day’, Dangal TV actors opened up on what they learnt from movies about respecting nature and how they have pledged to protect the environment now more than ever before.

Ankit Arora from Alif Laila said, “This lockdown has taught us one very important thing that we must not take the earth for granted. Bollywood has made several movies based on environment and recently I have watched Kadvi Hawa. The film talks about existing social and environmental issues and the crisis of farmers due to dramatic climate change. Hats off to Sanjay Mishra sir who performed brilliantly. It leaves you with plenty to think about for our nature and it’s high time to do our bit for the environment.”

Ankit’s co-star Madhura Naik also urged everyone to watch ‘Before the Flood’, which is a documentary where a Hollywood actor meets with scientists and activists to discuss dangers of climate change and solutions towards it.

“In today’s ever-changing world, we must give extra attention to our environment and its other living creatures and help them grow and flourish. Because this was an ecosystem built by god and once the balance is disrupted there won’t be any looking back. So please let’s work towards striking that balance. Happy world environment day,” she added.

Tarun Khanna from Devi Aadi Parashakti also spoke about nature. He said, “When we talk about nature, the first thing that comes to my mind is mountains. And the movie according to me that showed these mountains beautifully is ‘Vertical Limit’. I think it was shot on K2 – a mountain located on the China- Pakistan border which is very difficult to climb. The message they put out through the movie was that one should not mess with nature.”

He further mentioned a South-Indian film Roza which was dubbed in Hindi, made on water bodies.

Meanwhile, Rahul Sharma from Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi urged people to watch documentaries about the environment. He added, “There are many documentaries on environment like Our Planet, Plastic Ocean, History 101. These documentaries are very impactful. They make us realize our mistake and how the nature is giving us back in the form of floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc. These documentaries also talk about how plastic is affecting our oceans.”

He also revealed how he is cutting down the use of plastic in his daily life and urged his fans to do their bit.