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Gabourey doesn’t want to be congratulated on her weight loss

PTI | Los Angeles |

Gabourey Sidibe says she does not feel her weight loss is a major achievement and does not like being congratulated for it.

The 34-year-old actress says although the people are only trying to be nice, she feels “worse” as she is a public figure, reported Femalefirst.

“You don't need to congratulate me on it. You don't congratulate me every time I blow my nose. I needed to. It's my body. Mind your own body… It's even worse when you're recognisable like me,” Sidibe tells ABC News' Robin Roberts.

The “Empire” star adds there is a misogynistic angle to the discussion when the society is tougher to women than their male counterparts.

“We tell women what they need to look like, and what they don't need to look like. There are plenty of like fat guys or whatever, and no one has ever written think pieces about why they need to lose weight.

“No one's ever going to accuse them while they were, you know, on a show promoting their film, that they're actually promoting an unhealthy diet,” she says.