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Exclusive | Actor-RJ Teejay Sidhu on motherhood, ‘9 months’Season 3, and husband Karanvir Bohra

Karanvir and I are not shooting for projects at the same time which makes it easier to handle the babies.

Lakshita Vohra | New Delhi |

Actor, RJ, film producer and mother of twin girls, Teejay Sidhu embarked on her journey to fame with television shows and Punjabi films such as Tere Mera Ki Rishta and Shararat.

Teejay even participated in the renowned stunt reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5 where she showed her grit and determination. In 2013, she launched her debut production film Love You Soniye along with husband Karanvir Bohra, who is currently in Bigg Boss house. Back in 2016, Teejay became a doting mother to adorable twins – daughters Vienna and Raya Bella.

In an interview to, Teejay shared her experience of motherhood, balancing professional and personal life and also about her upcoming Firstpost web series ‘9 Months’.

How has been your journey from being an actor to mother of twins?

It’s been a terrific journey! I had children after nine years of marriage, so I had plenty of time to travel, chase dreams, and spend some wonderful time with Karanvir. I did almost everything on my bucket list. The babies came at a time when I was ready for children. They were not planned, but in my life I have always trusted God’s timing – he knows best, and he knew best this time too. Motherhood is such a joy!

Tell us about your first meeting with actor husband Karanvir Bohra.

We met by chance one night at Mount Mary’s Church. He was there lighting candles, and so was I. And maybe we were both wishing for the same thing. At that time, I was certain I did not want to marry an actor but he was persistent from the day we met. He did not have the attitude that I thought an actor would have. He was not egoistic, vain, and he wasn’t interested in chasing girls. He only wanted one good person in his life. He was also very kind and had a high ‘spiritual quotient’ which really attracted me to him.

How does Karanvir fare when it comes to taking care of the twins?

He has been a doting husband and he’s the same when it comes to being a dad. He has been helping change diapers, feeds babies, and taking care of them since the day they were born. He is the most hands-on dad I have ever seen. He was there for every scan, every doctor’s appointment, and told me right from the beginning that he wanted to be a part of the entire journey with me. The babies are so close to him, which I love. When I was young, I was not so close to my father. He was more the disciplinarian and my mother was the one who took care of us. I love seeing this gentle side of KV. It makes me love him more.

Do you think there can be a one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to parenting? Share some parenting tips.

There is no one rule to parenting. Every parent has their way of raising children, and every parent’s way is the right way. Parents tend to compare themselves to other parents and they should not. Each child is different; what works for one, may not work for another. I know that sometimes children can be frustrating but one tip I would give is to not lose your cool with your children. If they knew how to behave, they would. They are small and just finding their way in this world. They need gentle guidance, they need a lot of love and that’s the one thing I would say applies to every parent – give your child a lot of love. The rest, you’ll manage as you go.

How are you handling your career with your twin babies?

I’m lucky I’m in an industry where my hours are flexible and so are my shoots. When you work in TV, digital or film, you can bring your children along with you. I had a nice vanity van while shooting for Firstpost’s web series 9 Months, where my children could sleep when they needed to. Otherwise, they were on set playing and watching me shoot. They have been on set practically since they were born so they’re used to that environment. They are such pleasant little human beings, and they love being around people. I’m glad because it makes it so easy for me to go back to work.

In the industry in which you and Karanvir are, dividing the responsibilities between mother and father is important. How do you both manage?

Karanvir and I are not shooting for projects at the same time which makes it easier to handle the babies. When he shoots, I spend a lot of time on his set and take care of the children. When I was shooting for 9 Months, he was the babysitter. And he also did all the micro-managing for me, like coordinating with the producers, stylists, makeup/hair team etc. He makes it so easy for me to work, and I told him next time I’d have to pay him for being my manager/nanny! My life as a mother is so smooth because Karanvir is such a big help. I’m so thankful for him because I know not all dads feel it’s their responsibility to help take care of children. It’s changing slowly but it will still take time.

What would you like to say about your show 9 Months?

I’m so glad there is a show like Firstpost’s 9 Months which serves as a platform for new parents and parents-to-be. It’s the third season now, which attests to the show’s growing success. Parenting is an unexplored genre and there is a genuine need for this kind of information. What makes it interesting is we’ve featured a mix of experts and parents – you get the advice of paediatricians, nutritionists, etc., as well as the real-life experiences of other parents.

Firstpost’s 9 Months Season 3 was a tremendous opportunity for me since I’m a new mom and I have so much to learn myself.  I genuinely loved speaking to all the guests because I had so many of my own questions! We had many celebrity parents on the show and this was the first time they got to speak about parenting.

Tell us what has been your best moment as a mother.

My best moment as a mom is when I come home and I see two excited, happy little faces running towards me with open arms, shouting, ‘Mom! Mom!’ I love being wrapped up in them. Children are little pieces of God for me, and I feel so fortunate to have them. I still can’t believe it myself sometimes that I’m a mother. Sometimes I wake up and hear small voices in the hall with my mom, and I ask myself, ‘Has someone come to visit early in the morning? I hear a child’s voice.’ Then I realise, ‘Hey! What a minute! That’s my child! And I have two of them!’ They are the best reason to get out of bed every day.