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Bigg Boss 13, Day 132, Feb 9: Sidharth, Shehnaaz and Arti’s fight continues; Shilpa Shetty graces show

Salman asks Shehnaaz about her feelings regarding not being able to stand in one of the ranks.

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Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Shilpa Shetty welcoming the audiences and sharing her experience with Bigg Boss since the past few years. She also talks about her Sunday binge which she then prepares for Salman Khan. Meanwhile, Salman makes a smashing entry on the stage and greets everyone. He talks about how the journey of Bigg Boss 13 which began in September 2019 will end on February 15th. Salman enters the house through MI TV and pulls Asim’s leg by talking about his biceps.

He then talks to the housemates about the finale and congratulates them for reaching the same. Salman pulls their legs by saying that the show has been extended to March. Thereafter, he gives them a situation wherein they have to pretend like they are in the show after 50 years. The housemates have to act on certain situations given by Salman. The task begins in a fun way. Salman then talks to the housemates about the media conference that happened few days back.

He asks Shehnaaz hilariously what her reaction was thereafter. Shehnaaz tries to provide an explanation about the same. Salman asks Mahira to rank the housemates whom she ranked a few days back according to Arti and Rashami. He then asks Shehnaaz the reason behind worrying about her elimination. Salman tells her to take everything positively which she agrees. Salman asks the housemates to rank themselves unanimously that leaves them in splits. Thereafter, the housemates begin ranking each other according to their own wish and reasons.

In the midst of all this, Rashami refuses to take names which leads to an ugly tiff between her and Arti. Finally, she takes the names post which the housemates decide the entire thing again unanimously. Later on, Arti and Asim have a discussion about Rashami. Arti says that she is upset with Rashami and that she will not talk to her. She further says that Rashami never took her name in the top five but when it came to her she got upset about the same. Arti conveys the same to Paras too.

Meanwhile, Salman welcomes on stage his former co–star Shilpa Shetty Kundra. She brings for Salman his favourite dessert. Thereafter, the two of them get involved in some fun banter. Salman further calls Shilpa the fittest actor. She then shares her memories inside the Bigg Boss and whatever she made the housemates do inside the house. Salman hints towards the fact that a show will happen after February 15th that will witness the marriage of someone who might be one of the housemates from Bigg Boss 13.

Salman also informs the audiences about Shilpa’s comeback into the big screen with the movie Nikamma. She then calls on stage her co–actors Shirley Setia who then sings Salman’s iconic song ‘Main Hoon Hero.’ Thereafter, Abhimanyu, who is Salman’s former co–actor Bhagyashree’s son,enters the show. Post that, they conduct a fitness test among Salman and Shilpa who then answer certain questions. Thereafter, they take leave from Salman Khan.

The superstar enters the house and asks the housemates whether they are able to take any decision. All of them go and stand at their respective ranks. Salman asks Shehnaaz about her feelings regarding not being able to stand in one of the ranks. After sometime, a girl named Bondita enters the stage in order to promote her upcoming show. Salman enters the house through Me TV again and talks to the housemates about nominations. He also talks to them about Sidharth saving Paras instead of Arti and Shehnaaz and about few of the housemates being upset about the same.

Asim tries to provide his own point of view and so does Rashami. Arti says that she too was shocked along with Shehnaaz when Sidharth did the same. She further said how Sidharth explained to her about repaying Paras for the latter’s favour. Salman asks Sidharth too about the reason behind saving Paras. He says that he saved his friends whenever he got the chance. Moreover, Sidharth said that he desperately wanted to save Paras. Shehnaaz says that everyone flips inside the house just like her.

Sidharth also says that he did not want to choose between Shehnaaz and Arti as both of them are his friends. Paras says that he has never tried for captaincy and that he has full faith in his fans who save him. He further says that if he has got the less number of votes then he wants to go. Paras says that he never wanted immunity. Salman says that he should have given this to someone else because of which Mahira is in danger. Thereafter, the caller of the week makes a call who has a question for Asim. She says that Asim uses Shehnaaz according to his convenience and speaks ill of Sidharth at times in front of her. She asks him whether he likes her or not. Asim says that Shehnaaz is indeed a good girl and that he has never used her. He further tries to further provide an explanation for the question.

Salman says that no one will go from the house for the day. He further says that one of the nominated ones will definitely get evicted the next day. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Shehnaaz try to clear things with each other. Sidharth says that he never thought of saving either Arti or Shehnaaz as his decision was very clear. Rashami and Arti try to provide their own points of view. This leads to a minor tiff between Sidharth and Rashami. He further says he was firm about saving Paras. Shehnaaz also gets angry and gets into a fight with Sidharth. He confronts Arti about whatever she said post which the two of them get involved in an ugly spat. Salman signs off by saying that the next day will witness the last Weekend Ka Vaar wherein someone will get evicted.

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