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Bigg Boss 13, Day 126, Feb 3: Vishal Aditya Singh evicted from ‘BB House’

Salman returns after all and talks to the housemates, and finally announces Vishal’s eviction, bidding goodbye to the housemates.

SNS | New Delhi |

Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 was a perfect amalgamation of fun and emotions.

Salman Khan welcomes everyone to the house and then gives us a glimpse of what happened when the cast of Malang, Disha Patani, Kunal Kemmu, and Aditya Roy Kapur entered the house. Kunal then sings a song for the housemates while they enjoy the performance and then it is Aditya’s turn to sing the song while Kunal tells everyone about ‘SidArti’ trending on social media now. Sidharth and Arti also recreate the Aashiqui 2 posted and enjoy dance while Kunal does it with Shehnaaz Gill as well.

Now, they do a task where everyone has to break the skulls of people who they think are doing well on the show. Arti breaks Rashami’s, Paras breaks Arti’s, Rashami breaks Asim’s, Shehnaaz breaks Sidharth’s, Vishal, Sidharth and Mahira break Paras Chhabra’s, while Asim breaks Sidharth Shukla’s skull. Paras wins the task and the Malang team bids goodbye to the housemates. Meanwhile, Rashami talks to Devoleena about Arhaan Khan and how she has been hearing certain things.

Salman then visits the housemates and talks to them about the task that team Malang did with them and has a fun time with them. Salman then talks about the task as well and has a fun conversation with Paras, Sidharth, and Shehnaaz. Salman then moves onto Shehnaaz’s brother Shahbaz and everyone has a good laugh when he mimics Sidharth Shukla. Salman Khan bursts out into laughter with all the madness in the house. Salman then shows a clip of Shehnaaz talking to the crow and some more laughter follows.

Shehnaaz then gets a call from the caller of the week who asks her a funny question as to how many other animals she can speak to apart from crows, and as usual, she has a funny response to it. Salman then carries out another task where housemates have to assign qualities/features and rank them from 1-3. The task comes to an end after the various features they assign and it is now time for the connections to bid goodbye to everyone.

Next up, the cast of Malang joins Salman on stage and they indulge in some fun banter as Salman reveals what Aditya did during the shoot of one of his films. Anil Kapoor then has a request for Salman as they make him say the movie dialogues in Dabangg style. They all bid goodbye to the housemates and Salman then has another task where they will talk about contestants who have been used and thrown away and they have to actually throw away toilet papers in the trash can.

Mahira throws Shehnaaz’s tissue roll and then cites her reasons. Salman questions her too whether or not she has been telling nice things about herself. Paras follows her as well and both Rashami and Shehnaaz clear their stance and Sidharth does the same. Shehnaaz throws away Paras’ tissue while Asim not only stands up for Sidharth, but he throws away Mahira’s tissue paper. Rashami throws away Sidharth’s tissue paper while Arti Singh throws Shehnaaz’s tissue as well. Lastly, Vishal throws away Arti’s tissue paper.

Salman then welcomes Dhwani Bhanushali and introduces her new song to all of us. Salman returns to the housemates, and this time, with the intention to name the contestant who will get evicted this week, and in a surprising turn of events, he names Shehnaaz Gill. No one is ready to believe that she is going and everyone remains seated, hoping to see Salman return for another announcement. The door then opens and she starts bidding everyone goodbye and housemates turn emotional, but the door then shuts once again. Rashami and Shehnaaz hug each other and break down. Salman returns after all and talks to the housemates, and finally announces Vishal’s eviction, bidding goodbye to the housemates.

Sidharth talks about duties to Asim and they get into an argument over the same as well. Everyone discusses house duties and Sidharth and Shehnaaz too, get into an argument over utensils and she indulges in some fun banter.

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