Bigg Boss 13, Day 125, Feb 2: Sidharth is ‘Badshah’ of house, Shehnaaz gets ‘Begum’ tag; BB announces new task

Hina Khan gives a responsibility to the connections to allot certain names to the housemates.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 125, Feb 2:  Sidharth is ‘Badshah’ of house, Shehnaaz gets ‘Begum’ tag; BB announces new task


Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman entering the stage and greeting the audiences. He talks about how the connections have entered the house in order to support the housemates. Salman shows a glimpse of the task conducted by Hina Khan among the housemates. She enters the house to promote her upcoming movie Hacked. She gives a responsibility to the connections to allot certain names to the housemates. Sidharth is allotted the name of ‘Badshah.’ The connections give the tag of ‘Begum’ to Shehnaaz. The tag of ‘Gulam’ is given to Mahira after a lot of heated arguments. They give the tag of ‘Joker’ to Vishal. The tag for ‘Ikka’ is given to Asim.

Later on, Mahia, Akash and Paras talk about how she was tagged ‘Ghulam’ in lieu of friendship. Paras tells Akash that he should have taken Asim’s name in place of Vishal as the ‘Ghulam.’ Paras then tries to explain to him that Asim is someone who is aggressive and that he does not run the game. Salman then enters the house through MI TV and greets everyone. He then pulls Asim’s leg by asking who is inside the house to which he takes Himanshi’s name. He then asks Mahira the reason behind being tagged ‘Ghulam.’ She provides her point of view about the same. He then asks Vishal who is the joker of the house other than him. Vishal takes Shehnaaz and Rashami’s name.

Thereafter, Salman sends for a groom’s ‘sehra’ inside the house post which everyone pulls Arti’s leg. Kashmera says that she entered the house to initiate talks with Sidharth Shukla about Arti. Salman then asks what Arti’s answer was to which Kashmera says that the former replied in the negative. Arti then says that her temperament with Sidharth is totally different. Salman then says that every household in the country has started discussions about the Bigg Boss housemates. He also says that few people have sent proposals for some of the housemates.


He asks Shehnaaz what kind of a guy she wants to marry. On being asked about Sidharth, she says that he does not consider her as loyal. Salman asks the same question to Sidharth post which everyone is left in splits. He then pulls Asim’s leg by saying that Shefali calls him lovingly. Salman asks Asim whether his proposal was fake to which the latter replies in the negative. He also confronts him for being after Himanshi even when she said that she will reply to his proposal after the show’s end. Asim tries to provide his own point of view about the same.

Salman asks him the reason behind Himanshi refusing to respond to his proposal. Asim tries to provide an explanation post which Salman asks him why he did not reveal certain minute details to her. Himanshi says that when she was out of the show she saw numerous things which influenced her.

Salman asks who else is in his life outside the house. Asim says that there is, in fact, someone and that Himanshi also knows about the same. He also says that he has cleared all those things. Salman says that Asim revealed to Sidharth there is someone else in his life whom he loves.

He then asks Himanshi whether she knows about this but she remains mute. Asim says that he was seeing somebody earlier but that has ended as of now. Salman then says that he cannot understand the same at all. He also confronts Asim for continuously being after Himanshi when she is not giving him any attention. Salman says that he feels it’s totally a case of rebounding. He also tries to explain why Himanshi came inside the house. Salman further asks why is Himanshi not replying to Asim is she has come only for him.

Himanshi says that she was sure about this before but when she got to know about Asim’s alleged girlfriend, she stepped a foot backwards. She also says that both of them are clear with each other. Salman asks Asim whether he has broken up to which the latter applies in the affirmative. Himanshi then says that she also loves him. Asim also says that he will properly fix everything once he is outside. Salman says that Asim made Himanshi reveal everything related to her life. He also asks Asim how long he had been with the other girl to which he says that he was with her for a year and a half. Salman says that Himanshi’s entire life has been revealed on national television to which Asim tries to give an explanation.

The superstar says that he will come inside and confront the latter if he gets to know that he has not broken up with the girl. Post that, Asim is called to the witness box and asked certain questions related to allegations put by others. The first allegation is by Vikas regarding Asim’s game plan which includes using people, taking advantage of them, fighting with them and then playing the sympathy card. Asim tries to provide his explanation regarding the same. A few arguments happen among the housemates thereafter.

Shefali also puts forward a similar allegation against Asim like Vikas. Asim tries to explain post which Salman asks him and Shefali not to behave like kids. The next to arrive on the dock is Shehnaaz. The first allegation is put by Vikas who says that Shehnaaz spoils Vikas’ game because of her behaviour. She says that she has an attachment with him and that there are times when Sidharth has said things about her because of which her reactions come out. Salman says that Shehnaaz keeps on blaming Sidharth for hurting her to which she replies in the affirmative.

Salman asks Shehnaaz what problem she has with Paras and Mahira. She says that people have informed her Paras makes faces whenever someone praises her. Salman hilariously says that Paras, in fact, praises her in front of Mahira. Kashmera alleges that Shehnaaz fears she will become Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s Rani Mukerji while Sidharth will be Shah Rukh Khan and Arti becomes Kajol. In other words, Shehnaaz says certain things related to Arti and her family which hurts Kashmera. She also says that Arti is like her daughter which leaves everyone in splits. She says that Arti is Sidharth’s friend and that she has nothing for him.

Arti is the next to come on to the witness box.

Kashmera alleges that Arti herself is her own enemy. Arti agrees to this and says that Kashmera has repeatedly reminded her about these things. Salman also says that her decision to not take immunity was overconfidence. He says that immunity is very important at this stage and that she has made a fool of herself by leaving it. Arti says that she felt everything should be put into the hands of the audiences. Salman says that it is the first time that the ‘ticket to finale’ task has been cancelled in all the seasons of Bigg Boss.

The next housemate is Rashami. The first allegation against her is by Shehbaaz according to whom she acts fake in front of Shehnaaz and that she feels the latter is in the game because of Sidharth. Rashami tries to provide her explanation about the same. Shehnaaz also says that she has cleared these things with Rashami and that she has asked her to talk to her on the face.

Salman suddenly calls Himanshi onto the dock post which he says that she has revealed things about outside despite being stopped by Bigg Boss. He also says how she also talked about Arhaan to others rather than Rashami. She then admits that she has spoken to Vishal and Asim about Arhaan whom she considers as a brother. She reveals whatever Arhaan said to her and asked her to clear things about the keys with Rashami.

Salman then says she should have talked about all of this with Rashami rather than Asim and Vishal. The housemates are then shown a clipping of the same where she reveals whatever Arhaan has said about Rashami. Himanshi then clarifies that she has told all these things to Rashami. The latter says that Himanshi did convey these things to her but she said that she did not want to listen at that time.

Devoleena interrupts in between and says that Rashami did not know anything related to Arhaan’s marriage and child. Rashami also agrees to this to which Salman says that Arhaan has said to Himanshi the former knew about everything. Rashami then says that she is concerned about Arhaan the same way like Himanshi is concerned about Asim. This leads to certain arguments between Rashami, Himanshi and Asim. Rashami asks Himanshi to tell Arhaan that she has nothing to do with these things and that she is hurt with whatever he is doing behind her back.

Arti talks to Devoleena about the same that she had conveyed all these things beforehand. Asim tries to explain to Himanshi that she did not have to reveal things from the outside. He also supports her by saying that she has done nothing wrong with her relationship. Arti, Kashmera and others try to explain things to Rashami who then tries to provide her own point of view. She says that she has supported Arhaan everywhere but he has supported her only emotionally.
Rashami asks Himanshi not to talk about things related to her and Arhaan.

Sidharth, Kashmera, Devoleena and Arti talk about the entire matter. Sidharth points out how Salman said that Himanshi is talking about someone else’s relationship when she herself could not handle her nine years old relationship. They discuss that Himanshi has entered the house just to clear her name.

Meanwhile, Salman welcomes on stage Hina Khan post which he asks her hilariously why she entered the house. She talks a lot about her movie Hacked. Thereafter, Hina and Salman dance to the tune of one of the songs of her movie. On the other hand, Rashami explains to Asim that she has not asked anything related to Arhaan rather than the fact whether everything is okay.

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