Kamal Haasan mourns director Vetri Duraisamy’s demise

Actor Kamal Haasan expresses deep sorrow over the untimely passing of director Vetri Duraisamy in a tragic accident.

Kamal Haasan mourns director Vetri Duraisamy’s demise

Director Vetri Duraisamy

Renowned actor Kamal Haasan has penned a heartfelt note mourning the untimely demise of director Vetri Duraisamy, expressing profound sadness over the tragic incident. Vetri Duraisamy, son of former Chennai Mayor Saithai Duraisamy, met an unfortunate end as his life was claimed in a devastating accident.

Kamal Haasan conveyed his deepest condolences to grieving family of Vetri, particularly empathizing with his father’s immense loss. The news has left many in disbelief, as Vetri was known for his dedication and commitment to his craft from a young age.

The incident unfolded when the lifeless body of Vetri Duraisamy was discovered near the banks of the Sutlej River on February 12th. The driver of the vehicle, identified as Tenzin, was also found deceased at the scene. Reports indicate that Tenzin may have suffered a fatal heart attack while behind the wheel, resulting in the loss of control over the vehicle and the subsequent tragic overturning of the car.

Vetri, accompanied by Gopinath, was on a location scouting trip in Shimla for his upcoming film when the accident occurred. A large-scale search operation, involving state officials and the utilization of drones, ensued to locate Vetri’s body. After nine days of intensive efforts, Vetri’s remains were finally located several kilometers away from the accident site.

Following the recovery, Vetri Duraisamy’s body was transferred to the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital in Shimla for a postmortem examination before being handed over to his grieving family for final rites.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin also extended his heartfelt condolences to Saithai Duraisamy, acknowledging the profound tragedy that no parent should ever have to endure.

Vetri Duraisamy, known for his directorial work in the acclaimed film “Endravaathu Oru Naal,” starring actors Vidharth and Ramya Nambeeshan, had garnered recognition for his artistic endeavors. The movie received accolades at various international film festivals, reflecting Vetri’s talent and passion for storytelling. Additionally, Vetri shared a close bond with renowned actor Thala Ajith Kumar, highlighting his impact and relationships within the film industry.

The loss of Vetri Duraisamy has left a void in the hearts of many, as his promising career and vibrant spirit were cut short tragically. His memory will forever be cherished in the hearts of those who knew and admired him.