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Simon Cowell reveals why he’ll never return to ‘American Idol’

PTI | London |

Music mogul Simon Cowell revealed he will never comeback as a judge on “American Idol” as he believes it is impossible to recreate the magic of the reality TV series today.

The 57-year-old music producer said the revival of the show will never be able to match the fun of the older times, reported DigitalSpy.

“You can’t go back! We had the best of times when we did it. You can’t recreate what we had before, you know, it was me and it was Paula (Abdul) and Randy (Jackson) and Ryan (Seacrest) and it was an amazing chemistry there,” Cowell told Extra.

He added that he “genuinely doesn’t care” about the current line up and that the idea of “Idol” was flawed as the show now focuses more on the star power of the judges, not creating stars out of participants.

“When I hear all this talk about casting judges, I have to be honest with you, I think this is where they have it wrong. It doesn’t matter about the judges, it is about the contestants and that is why everything has gone the wrong way right now.

“You know, when we cast ‘Idol’, it was done so quickly but the only thing that mattered was, ‘Do you have the right people to help you find the stars?'” he said.

“American Idol” will air on ABC next year.