Uttarakhand’s iconic folk singer Narendra Singh Negi has paid poetic tribute to his fans for standing beside him in difficult times. Negi suffered a major heart attack on 28 June and the news created panic among his followers who began offering prayers in temples for the recovery of their adored singer. On his receovery, Negi penned a poem in Garhwali language dedicated to his admirers ~ sharing his pain and miraculous recovery.

The poem titled ‘Jyura ka haath batin’ is the latest offering of the 68- year-old folk singer. It is generally believed that for a better understanding of Uttarakhand one should hear Narendra Negi’s songs. “After getting discharged from hospital and recovering from my heart attack, I have written this poem. This is the first draft and I will add new lines to it as they come in my thoughts,” he said.

The 16-line poem starts with Negi narrating his miraculous recovery after his severe heart attack. The poem moves to pays respect to the public for showering love and affection on him. Negi says he is ready to take his position in the battlefield again with public support. Thanking the highlanders, the poet says their prayers were answered.

A folk singer in a league of his own, Negi wrote and sang songs against political parties to see their ouster from power in Uttarakhand. His ‘Nauchami Narayana’ song brought an end to Congress rule in 2007 and the folk song ‘Ab Kathaga Khailo’ saw the exit of the BJP government in 2012. The folk singer has now started participating in poets meets. He is expected to resume performing in cultural programmes soon.