Former Beatles star Paul McCartney said he has stopped consuming alcohol and is sticking to snacks like salted cashews as he used to feel heavy before he went on to perform on the stage.

The 75-year-old veteran musician said now he raises a toast only after he is done with the gig.

“I don't eat or drink before I go on because I sort of like to feel light. Then afterwards I can get heavy and have a drink. But before I go on I don't do that.

“I do have little sort of snacky things in the dressing room that I might just grab like chocolate covered raisins and equal amounts of salted cashews,” McCartney said in a Facebook Live with Australian musician Tim Minchin.

The “Norwegian Wood” singer said he earlier used to indulge in a drink or two to calm his nerves ahead of a gig, but has given up as he would end up forgetting the lyrics.