Actress Janelle Monae says makeup connects her with her roots and the culture she comes from.

The 31-year-old actress says makeup reminds her of the war paint her ancestors used, reported Us Weekly.
“(Makeup) connects me to my roots. I come from a very strong tribe of women. My family has roots going back to

Africa. I have roots in Kansas. My grandmother lived in Mississippi.

“Whenever I'm putting my makeup on, it's very therapeutic. It reminds me of my ancestors getting ready, putting on their war paint,” Monae says.

The “Moonlight” actress says she likes to put meaning behind her fashion and beauty choices.

“I like to keep people guessing! If I'm reading something, I might try to do some sort of symbolism to highlight what I want to bring attention to. I could be protesting something going on in the White House, but sometimes it's just merely because I thought it was cool,” she says.