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Faridkot duo IP Singh, Rajarshi Sanyal recall what happened when Vishal Dadlani heard their Laila song

On radio show Ishq Jam with RJ Sarthak, Faridkot band singers IP Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal talk about their foray into music and their journey so far

SNS | New Delhi |

Around a decade ago, when a relatively new music band from Delhi, Faridkot, entered reality show Launchpad, it risked playing in the first round what the members thought was their weakest song. But ‘Laila’ turned out to be a song that was to change their lives.

Faridkot duo IP Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal feel Laila may have been their weakest song, but it struck the right chord with acclaimed music director Vishal Dadlani, who was a judge on the show.

Appearing on the latest episode of Ishq Jam with RJ Sarthak on 104.8 Ishq, IP Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal go down memory lane to recall the episode when their “weakest track” left the composer “absolutely mesmerized”.

On the show, to be aired on 104.8 Ishq, IP and Rajarshi speak about their foray into the music reality show territory with Launchpad. About playing the Laila song, the duo said they played it in the first round as they wanted to keep their better tracks for the next rounds. They had never thought Vishal Dadlani would be overwhelmed with the melodious tune and the notes of ‘Laila’.

“If I remember correctly, after listening to Laila, Vishal could not stay in his seat, nor stop talking about it!” RJ Sarthak says on the show, and adds how Vishal Dadlani responded: “This song has got stuck into my brain, now I can’t listen to anything else.”

Hearing this, IP answers, “Ya, he was really kind and he really liked the song.”

The Ishq jam with RJ Sarthak episode featuring the Faridkot duo will air on Thursday, May 30 on 104.8 Ishq.