Rock n’ Roll music pioneer – Chuck Berry passed away on 18 March, but Chuck, his final album, is set for release even as he left a generations of musicians and fans who were highly inspired and influenced by him in his six-decade-long career.

Dualtone Records company on Wednesday made an announcement on social media that the final album by legendary musician Chuck Berry named CHUCK would be released on June 16. This would be his first album since 1979’s Rock It.

The posthumous record contains 10 new songs Wonderful Woman, Big Boys, You Go To My Head, 3/4 Time (Enchiladas), Darlin, Lady B. Goode, She Still Loves You, Jamaica Moon, Dutchman and Eyes Of Man.

Eight out of 10 songs were written by Berry himself, while others were composed in collaboration with featuring musicians such as Nathaniel Rateliff, Tom Morello, Gary Clark Jr and Chuck’s grandson Charles Berry III.

“Working on my dad's record has been one of the best experiences of my life, I will forever treasure the musical conversations we had, and the time we spent together completing it,” said Charles Berry Jr.

Known for his blistering guitar skills, Berry invented Rock n’ Rock by using blues, and created a new form of showmanship in the music industry.

For stage act, Berry’s benchmark ‘Duckwalk’ is still followed by numerous ace guitarists on stage, particularly in guitar solos.