Actress Meghna Naidu, who featured in Kaliyon Ka Chaman 15 years ago, is about to make her comeback in the film industry. She was last seen in a Bengali film Coolie in 2004. The actress is now shooting for a film titled Sitara.

Talking about her comeback Meghna said, “I am excited to make a comeback in the Bengali entertainment industry. I am shooting for Sitara.”

“I am playing the role of Lokkhonna. The film’s story is about the time when people used to smuggle things in and out of India and Bangladesh. The women used to be in flesh trade. My character is also the one who helps to smuggle goods and is also a flesh trade worker,” she further opened up about her character in the film.

Meghna Naidu also revealed how she unexpectedly landed a role in the Bengali film. “The language is so sweet but it’s very difficult to speak in this language. The movie will be a great experience. I will be working with actors like Raima Sen, M Nassar, and Zahid Hassan,” she said.

The actress added, “I am really enjoying being a dancer and performer. I started the year by spending time with my family and friends. For the first time in 15 years, I did not do a show for the New Year and spent a lovely evening with family at home.”