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Watch: Jimmy Kimmel takes a dig at Donald Trump with ‘The Shape of Water’ reference

SNS | New Delhi |

Popular chat show host Jimmy Kimmel has slammed US President Donald Trump over his tweet on Oscars ratings. After the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, Trump tweeted about the low TV ratings of the event. Later Kimmel followed up his reply with more potshots on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

The feud sparked when Donald Trump tweeted this.

Jimmy Kimmel, the Oscars 2018 host for the second time, slammed the POTUS tweeting, “Thanks, lowest rated President in HISTORY.”

The comedian said talking about the rise of the streaming services, the rating of every television show had seen a downfall.

He said, “The truth is, every year since Netflix happened, the ratings are down for every big TV event: the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Emmys, the Golden Globes.”

Kimmel added that Trump believes he is responsible for affecting the TRPs, but said he got the last laugh. “My tweet (in response to Trump) got twice as many likes as his tweet. I know that’s the thing that will get under his orange skin,” he jests.

Jimmy Kimmel also said the US president has often criticised the Oscars but he might be impressed with this year’s Best Picture winner, “The Shape of Water”.  Watch the video here:

“It’s about a monster that has sex with a woman who can’t talk about it, it’s like his life story,” he quipped.