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Iron Man’s original suit worth $325k stolen from LA prop house

SNS | New Delhi |

Crazy fandom or burglary? Anybody’s guess. Robert Downey Jr.’s original Iron Man suit from the first film Iron Man (2008), which is worth $325k, has been stolen from a prop house in Los Angeles.

In the last decade, superhero films have ruled the box office by destroying records and emerging a true success story. But, these films are often made on high budgets, which requires expensive technology and costumes.

Talking about costumes, RDJ’s ‘Iron Man’ is one of the most popular Marvel superhero with a huge fan base and one can only  wonder what it feels like to get in that suit for once.

Apparently, someone has made sure that he gets to live his dream of wearing the suit for once or probably earn a fortune out of it once the person gets to know about the suit’s cost.

An LAPD spokesperson told People magazine, “It was reported by the storage facility that the prop was missing. It is considered burglary.”

The report further states that Los Angeles Police officer Christopher said the complaint was filed on Tuesday and the suit’s estimated value was $325,000.

The suit, which was worn by RDJ in the first Iron Man film, is a golden and maroon metallic suit and was the first of the many suits that the actor has worn in the course of eight films in which he has appeared as ‘Iron Man’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over the last 10 years, Iron Man‘s suits have gone through a drastic change, with some noticeable changes in every MCU film, which featured RDJ hitting the button to turn into his alter ego.

In other news, Avengers: Infinity War, which featured Downey Jr. as Iron Man, is rewriting history at the box office across the globe by become the fastest film to gross $1 billion.

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