Vishal Mishra is a music composer and singer who first appeared on a television reality show on DD National. Despite not having trained in any form, he can play about 17 instruments. He is the man behind the latest single, “Sajna Ve”, which has already garnered 10 million views on YouTube alone.

A romantic love number, “Sajna Ve” is Vishal’s first single. Having worked across a variety of mediums, from the Hindi film industry to Telugu, Tamil and Marathi, Vishal has acquired acclaim for his diverse work.

The singer’s upcoming projects include Kabir Singh and Anurag Kashyap’s production Saand Ki Aankh, among others. The musician spoke to about “Sajna Ve”, his music and about issues that affect the music industry.

Q. How did the idea for the single (Sajna Ve) come about?

“Sajna Ve” actually started from Veere Di Wedding. For Veere Di Wedding, I had composed a riff which I totally forgot about until much later. In that place then we made a song called, “Veere Veere…Jind Vakhri”.

Six months back, I was just listening to the riff and the composition that I had made on it, and I thought it’s not bad. Yash, from Universal (Studios), came to my office and said why don’t you do it as a single. The talks of doing a single were going on from a long time.

But I was not getting any time because of The Notebook. I said, why not, let’s go ahead and do this one. We went ahead and then there were female parts in it for which we got Lisa Mishra on board, who is a fabulous singer, and the song happened. They (Universal Studios) said, “We want to feature you,”… they featured me and now the song is a hit; people are loving it. I am so grateful about it.

Q. You’ve worked with a lot of directors in the film industry. With who have you found music production most fulfilling?

When I work as a music director for films, what happens is that every director gets his own character into the film, and there are different characters in different films. So, I get to live a different character altogether every time. It’s a beautiful process and a difficult one.

I really enjoyed making music with Nitin Kakkar (director of The Notebook, Filmistaan) and I have enjoyed making music with Sandeep Vanga (director-Kabir Singh) Tushar Hiranandini (director of upcoming Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar starrer Saand Ki Aankh), who I think are fabulous directors. So, I am lucky enough to work with these people.

I wanted a sky to fly in and they (directors) did not intervene in the creative process so I think I was very, very fortunate to get to work with them.

Q You mentioned Tushar Hiranandini, who happens to be the director of Anurag Kashyap’s Saand Ki Aankh. Anurag Kashyap’s films music is really different and quirky. How is the music for this film different from your other works?

It’s a beautiful film and we’ve been making music for it for over two years now. It’s been a process which is totally different. We have not left any stone unturned. We have done all we could. I can’t really wait for people to come… because I really feel, this is my best music so far… for people to react to it when it comes out.

Q Do you think love songs will ever go out of fashion?

(Laughs) How can love go out of fashion? Love is the basic DNA of life. It all starts from love, it all ends at love. So, any love song, if it’s a good song made from heart and not made from the brain. is not calculative, it will always live on forever. Love songs are supposed to stay.

Q In light of Shankar Ehsaan Loy opting out of Prabhas’s Saaho, what is your view on having multiple composers work on a single film?

I don’t have a disagreement on the multi-composer bit of it, I do enjoy doing solo films because I feel the responsibility, of having it all or not having it all, makes you feel good about it. The ownership gives you a different high of creativity, but even if it’s one song and you can make a difference in the film, I think its good enough. So as far as it is working for everybody, I am pretty much keen doing anything as much as I can contribute.

In Kabir Singh, I am doing two songs. When I am into a film, I know everything about this film, what, how, what is my role… it’s like a cricket match. You have a captain but you also have different players. So if your role is to do two songs in a film, you do them. I enjoy doing solo films, but if my role is to do two songs, I am more than happy.

Q So, too many cooks do not spoil the broth?

They do, but you have to make sure that your dish is better than everyone else’s; you concentrate on your dish why do you have to be worried about the negative aspect of it.

Q The one song that you get most compliments for?

“Nai Lagda” (The Notebook) and “Sajna Ve” are getting a lot of love. “Nai Lagda” won so many hearts, “Jaane De”(Qarib Qarib Singlle), all my songs are loved. My recent is “Sajna Ve” and since I am there in the video, I will give it a pick above everything else.