Interview: Darasing Khurana conferred with the title ‘Global Peace Ambassador’

In conversation with actor and philanthropist Mr.Darasing Khurana who will soon be seen in his debut Punjabi film ‘Bai ji Kuttange’. He was recently conferred with the tittle of ‘ Global Peace Ambassador’

Interview: Darasing Khurana conferred with the title  ‘Global Peace Ambassador’

How does it feel to be conferred with the Global peace ambassador title?

I am extremely happy and humbled to receive this title. I think every honour comes with a responsibility to work more towards the causes. I feel every person who works selflessly towards spreading smiles is a peace ambassador. I work on the strategy level and I’m glad that the media pays attention to my efforts. But there are so many people working on the ground level and bringing the strategies to action. I think what I do wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

You’ve been actively involved in social work. How do you manage to strike a balance between your work and philanthropy?


I think life is all about finding that perfect balance. Honestly, with my work and personal life, I tend to miss that balance a lot of times and I’m not able to pay attention to the causes that I’m associated with. Sometimes when I’m too involved in these causes, I’m not able to pay attention to my personal life. It’s a constant struggle and learning. Ultimately, when you see your plans coming into action and touching people’s lives, you feel that the struggle is worth it.

Darasing Khurana you’re involved in several social causes. What do you want to achieve and which is closest to your heart?

I don’t think that I want to achieve something. I believe that the larger purpose of my life is to be able to bring some positive change in people’s lives and spread smiles. That’s why I work selflessly towards the causes I associate with. There’s no one cause that I can say is closest to my heart because I only associate with causes that I feel strongly for. So, all of them are equally important to me.

Do you think the title of the Global Peace Ambassador is well earned?

I cannot say if it’s well earned or not, but I feel immense gratitude to receive it. I work selflessly towards all the social causes I’m associated with and I’m glad that my work in that space is getting recognised. This title only encourages me to work harder and bring more change in society and people’s lives.

Is there any social cause which you are yet to work towards?
I want to associate with a lot of causes, but the immediate next is likely to be human trafficking. I’ve read about it and when I watched a documentary on it, I instantly felt very sensitive about the topic and started connecting with people who have been survivors of human trafficking. I see myself doing something with associations that are working in this direction.

You are debuting as an actor. How’s that experience coming along?
Outstanding! Acting is what I always wanted to do and it’s like a dream come true. For the very first time, through my Punjabi film, Bai Ji Kuttange, I’ll be able to see myself on the big screen.

The experience has been great so far. I was nervous on the set for the first couple of days. That’s because of my talented co-actors who I’ve always admired and grown up watching. So it was overwhelming.

I’ll be seen in the first scene of the film with two very senior and talented actors like Gurpreet Ghuggi ji and Upasana Singh ji. So I was a bit nervous seeing their improvisation skills. But I learnt this from them in a couple of days and felt settled. They made me feel comfortable around them. I’m looking forward to the film and I’m super excited about it.