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Insult to India’s image if we talk of moral police in 2018: RGV

IANS | New Delhi |

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who has shot a film “God, Sex and Truth” with American porn star Mia Malkova, says talking of moral policing in 2018 is an insult to the image of a secular country like India.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q. Your new muse seems to be Mia Malkova?

A. She’s a brilliantly talented with the greatest clarity of thought of whoever I met so far. I would say she’s an inspiration.

Q. Tell me about how you decided to make a film with her and how you met her?

A. From the time I had the idea of ‘God, Sex and Truth’, I was looking for a woman who will be most perfect for it and I finally zeroed in on her as the best choice miles above others.

Q. Is Mia going to be another Sunny Leone in Bollywood?

A. That’s not for me to say but for the people who watch.

Q. Your nude pictures with her are going viral… Or rather she is nude, you are not. Isn’t that sexist?

A. Hey, I am the director and she’s the actor ..since when is a director required to wear (or not wear) the same costume as the actor?

Q. This time you have managed to shock the entire nation. How will you face the moral police?

A. It’s an insult to the image of India if we are talking about moral police in 2018 in a secular country..I think it’s just a proof of the amount of people who don’t have any work in India

Q. What is your equation with Mia? Is she a personal friend or just your actor?

A. Absolutely professional

Q. Tell me about the film that you are doing with Mia. What is the purpose and point behind your contemplation on sex and the human body?

A. It’s not about only her body, but it also captures her every thought in the process of projecting it in almost a spiritual context within her deeply felt and also inbuilt sexual emotions. She speaks graphically and shockingly hard sexual words and that’s because the whole point of this endeavour is to enhance and elevate whatever people conventionally look down upon.

Q. At a time when fringe groups are covering up Deepika Padukone’s peeping midriff, how do you expect to get away with full nudity?

It’s not about getting away. It’s about getting real. ‘God, Sex and Truth’ is representative of every woman in the whole world, who at some point of her life felt free enough to be swept away physically and emotionally by the sheer intensity of a man’s worship of her sexuality.

It’s also about overcoming the conflicts of sexual guilts, forced commitments and pseudo moralistic norms. Any strong philosophy provokes people to look beyond the existing thoughts, resulting in a new way of looking at one’s own life and also the way it has been lived so far.

Q. So what is the intention behind making “God, Sex & Truth”?

The intention is to project a radical thought process through a treatise of Mia Malkova to make people lose both their hypocrisy and their guilt to become free-willed sexual beings and just immerse themselves in a sea of sexual joy.

Q. Is Mia Malkova the next Sunny Leone?

A. I tremendously respect Mia Malkova because she took a conscious decision to live life the way she wants to, to enjoy sex the way she feels like and to so clean-heartedly profess to the whole world to look up to the greatness of Sex and bask in it without shame and guilt

Mia Malkova in ‘God, Sex and Truth’ is like a Goddess who will intimidate anyone who watches it by the means of both the power of her honest persona and also with the integrity of her belief systems and all spoken with such intense innocence on her angelic face.

Q. Do you see the film breaking down the social barriers that inhibit men and women about the human anatomy?

A. The thoughts encapsulated in and through Mia Malkova in it represent a revolutionary sexual thesis and their hard hitting nature is designed to make people look at Sex with a tremendous renewed respect that it truly deserves If someone as beautiful,intellectual and philosophical as her can speak about sex with such reverence, it proves that even a dirtiest act of sex can be as flawlessly pure and as beautifully honest as Mia Malkova.

Q. So, are you hoping Mia would be Bollywood’s next Sunny Leone?

A. The philosophy behind ‘God, Sex and Truth’ intends to destroy hypocrisy, social stigmas and all religious dogmas with the extreme power of a beautiful woman’s reasoning mind in order to create a new sexual world. To sum up in one single sentence, sex will not be the same after you see Mia Malkova in this film. As for Sunny Leone, we all know how popular she is with Indians and also the hypocrisy that she faces in this country every time her name is mentioned in so-called culturally enlightened circles.