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Imtiaz Ali at the launch of Rupa Bhullar’s ‘The Indigo Sun’

SNS | New Delhi |

From Jab We Met to Jab Harry met Sejal, Imtiaz Ali’s has been all about finding your true self and love, with, of course, travel at the centre of the story. And what better way to honour the celebrated filmmaker by writing a book inspired from his stories and ideas.

Author Rupa Bhullar has published her debut book titled The Indigo Sun, which she dedicates to the Highway director, Imtiaz.

Imtiaz, who is known for his films like Jab We Met, Love Aajkal and Tamasha, launched the book alongside Bhullar in Mumbai.

Honoured to be the inspiration behind the debutante’s first book, Imtiaz feels he felt a connection with Bhullar’s passion for the story.

“The first time I spoke to Rupa, I could really connect to her and her passion for this story. When someone writes a story, it is not because they know everything. It is an attempt to find answers. The Indigo Sun is one such book that will take you on a journey and inspire you to find your own answers,” Imtiaz says.

Bhullar credits travelling and Imtiaz’s film Tamasha as the inspiration for writing this book.

 “It is the beauty of travel that inspired me to write this book and I am delighted to launch my book with Imtiaz Ali. It was Tamasha and the story of Ved that inspired me to write this book. Since I watched the film, I realised that I cannot not write the story of Maya and this story is completely dedicated to Imtiaz Ali,” Bhullar says.

The Indigo Sun is an enchanting tale set among the desert sands of Rajasthan where Maya is led on a transformative journey by a young boy named Ananda (Bliss), a mystic gypsy woman called Leela (The diving play), and Veer (The courageous one), a well-respected, socially driven entrepreneur from London.

Together, they embark upon a colorful odyssey weaved with the fabric of culture, heritage, simplicity and celebration of life.