Woody Allens manager has been accused of secretly pocketing commissions from the veteran filmmaker's movies when those should have gone to his management partners.

Late film producer Larry Brezner's wife Dominique Cohen-Brezner filed a lawsuit on March 30 in Los Angeles Superior Court, accusing Allen's manager Stephen Tenenbaum of withholding money from her late husband, it has emerged now, reports variety.com.

Brezner, who died in 2015, was a partner with Tenenbaum and David Steinberg in MBST Entertainment.

According to the suit, Tenenbaum had an obligation to share the revenues from Allen's films with his partners. However, Cohen-Brezner has alleged that Tenenbaum "secretly arranged to defer income from Woody Allen's projects while at the same time planning to leave MBST and pocket the commissions for himself after forming his new management company."

The three were partners in MBST for 20 years, and shared commissions from all of their clients. In addition to Allen, the company represented Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Bette Midler.