Actor Bill Skarsgard says he gets attracted towards darker and more mysterious stories.

Author Stephen King’s horror novel It will be brought alive on the big screen with the same name. Skarsgard plays role of Pennywise — a creepy clown in the Andy Muschietti’s directorial.

“I’ve always enjoyed darker, more mysterious stories, like many of those written by Stephen King. I read his novel It, which was an inspiration for me while preparing for the role,” Skarsgard said in a statement.

Warner Bros Pictures is set to release It pan India in four languages – English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Friday.

Talking about playing his role, the actor said: “Playing Pennywise was often physically exhausting. It was the most tiring thing I’ve ever done – there was a lot of noise and screaming and drooling, and I would be messing up my voice. As soon as Andy would yell cut, I’d be on the ground, breathing heavily.”