Actor Chris Pratt has warned his fans about a “potential predator” who is pretending to be him on Facebook.

Pratt took to the social media platform to express his concern after the “pervy dude” started hitting on a lot of female fans, reports

“Pervy dude alert! (Not a joke) It’s confirmed: Somebody is trying to pretend to be me on Facebook (and maybe other social media platforms) apparently hitting on a lot of different female fans, trying to get their numbers and who knows what else. I’m not joking,” Pratt wrote on Facebook.

Pratt said he finds such behaviour “reprehensible”.

“If I find out who it is, I’ll have their account shut down and seriously would like to punch them right in the mouth. You hear that imposter? Stop. My message to any fans who are contacted by someone claiming to be Chris Pratt: Look for the blue ‘verified’ check-mark next to the name. If there is no check-mark by my name, that person is an imposter. I’m sorry,” he wrote.