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I admire Ridley Scott: Mark Wahlberg

IANS | Los Angeles |

Actor Mark Wahlberg says he is a big fan of filmmaker Ridley Scott and always wanted to work with him.

The actor added that working with Scott on All the Money in the World was a “win-win” situation as he got to learn so much from him.

“I was always fascinated by the story (of the film) itself but the real draw was Ridley Scott. I’ve always wanted to work with him; we’ve been friendly over probably the past 20 years,” Wahlberg said in a statement.

“I’ve always been a huge fan and I was in the middle of shooting another movie. I had five days in between two films. I checked with my wife just to let her know what a unique opportunity it was to play this particular part, and also to work with a guy that I admire so much,” he added.

The actor continued: “And when I read the part, I was even more eager because it’s not the kind of role I usually get to play. Ridley said, you know, no guns, no teddy bears, and I didn’t beat anybody up. It was nice to play a well-educated guy who does a lot of interesting things for Mr. Getty.”

All The Money In The World revolves around oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. It follows Getty’s grandson John Paul Getty III, who was kidnapped by an organised crime regime, and his mother Gail’s (Michelle Williams) attempts to convince his wealthy grandfather to pay the ransom. Wahlberg is seen as Getty’s lawyer.

The film, brought to India by PVR Pictures, was released on Friday.

Talking about working with Scott, Wahlberg said: “To see a guy and to be a guy who is always aspired to make films, both in front and behind the camera and get to learn from him, it was a win-win for me. I work with him but I also get to learn from him and observe him.”