For Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, who is seen reprising his role as The Wolverine for one final time in the forthcoming superhero film "Logan", working on the franchise has been a gratifying, relieving and satisfying experience. He says his journey with the film's cast won't get over with the film as they will still "sit together, have dinner".

"I didn't know how I would feel about it until I saw the film. I was sitting next to Patrick (Stewart) and James (Mangold) and the audience were clearly very caught up in it and that was satisfying," Jackman said here during the film's press briefing for select media, including IANS here.

"It felt very gratifying, relieving and satisfying alternatively. It feels right and it was a really good feeling. I remember someone telling me that, 'You are leaving now, you are not going to be a part of it and I said, 'Oh na, we will still be sitting together having dinner, it's just that we won't be cooking anymore," added the actor, who was dressed in a black bomber jacket, T-shirt and black casual trousers.

He was also sporting a flesh-coloured dressing on his nose after having a sixth basal cell carcinoma cut.

"The Wolverine" film saga started 17 years ago. Jackman has appeared as Wolverine in nine of the "X-Men" sagas.

Writer-director James Mangold took the charge of bringing the character and his journey to a conclusion with "Logan". He previously worked with Jackman on "The Wolverine" in the year 2013.

"Logan" stars Jackman in the title role alongside Stewart, Stephan Merchant, Richard E. Grant and 11-year-old Dafne Keen, who plays the role of Jackman's daughter and young mutant X 23.

Even Stewart, who has had a long association with the film franchise, will no longer continue being a part of it after "Logan".

"I had no reason to think that this is the end of the relationship with 'X-Men' franchise at all. It was a week ago in Berlin when I realized that I don't think in terms of Wolverine and Charles Xavier… We can really do better than this. This is perfect conclusion. 

"Everything is in place that ought to be in place, so may be I am done too," said Stewart at the conference here.

Stewart jokingly told Jackman that with his exit, he felt that he has "kind of stolen your (Jackman's) thunder".

"You know it was a spontaneous feeling that I had while I watched the credit roles in the end of the movie before we went up to be introduced to the audience. I am very content with that," he said.

"Logan", that opens in theatres worldwide, including in India on March 3, has been distributed by 20th century Fox.