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Gerard Butler’s ‘Den of Thieves’ to release in India in February

IANS | New Delhi |

Gerard Butler’s Den of Thieves will make its way to theatres in India on February 2.

Den Of Thieves, also starring 50 Cent (given name Curtis Jackson), is being brought to India by PVR Pictures, read a statement.

A crime saga set in Los Angeles by Christian Gudegast, Den of Thieves follows the intersecting and connected lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff’s department and the state’s most successful bank robbery crew.

Butler said: “What I love about this movie is that it has a taste, an ingredient, of many of my favorite films, like Heist and Heat, with touches of a Dog Day Afternoon and The French Connection. But it stands entirely on its own.

“It may be a complex heist film, but there’s a surprising amount of heart and emotion. It has the potential to become one of those unforgettable movies because of the characters we’ve created.”

The film also features Jordan Bridges, Pablo Scheriber, O’Shea Jackson Jr among others.