Actor Geroge Clooney gave his 87 year old fan a birthday surprise when he paid a visit to her on her special day.

The 55-year-old actor paid a visit to Pat Adams, a resident at the Sunrise Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in Reading, Berkshire, South East England, to celebrate her birthday after she had told staff members how fond she was of the star, reported Entertainment Tonight.

"The lady in the picture, loves George Clooney and mentions every day how she would love to meet him, especially as he lives so near to where I work. So letters have been sent asking would it be possible for her dream to come true.

(sic)," a colleague at the residential home shared a picture of Pat with her favourite star on their official Facebook account.

The "Ocean's Eleven" star also bought a card and a bouquet of flowers for Pat, which made the visit "extra special".

The post continued: "What was extra special it was her Birthday in the week. He bought a card and a lovely bunch of flowers (sic)."