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Daisy Ridley’s biggest fear is being buried alive


Actress Daisy Ridley says she is is terrified of being buried alive.

In an interview to Empire magazine, the “Peter Rabbit” actress says she had “nightmares” for months about being trapped underground, after watching an episode of “CSI” called ‘Grave Digger’,

Asked about her biggest fear, she said: “Being buried alive. I watched a special episode of ‘CSI’ that Quentin Tarantino did and honestly, I had nightmares for months. Heinous, heinous. My absolute worst thing.”

Earlier, when she wasn’t working, the 25-year-old actress used to enjoy cooking. But after cutting animal products out of her diet in recent months, she says her dishes aren’t as impressive as they used to be.

“I sort of became vegan last year and haven’t done much cooking because I’ve only been home for about two weeks in that time. Before, I did quite a good fish laska. Now I’m essentially trying to be inventive with tofu,” she said.