Popular TV series The Crown has created much excitement among fans with the recent trailer launch of season 4.

Ahead of its Netflix premiere, director Benjamin Caron said he was excited to explore the Himalayas in Sikkim during his visit to the country.

“Well, on this particular occasion, I’m here because I’m travelling through the Himalayas in Sikkim, which I have been wanting to visit for a long, long time,” Caron told news agency IANS.

“I’ve been to India a number of times, maybe five, six times, but mainly around Rajasthan. I never went to the Northeast part of India. I love the Himalayas and I’ve been to Nepal and I’ve heard a lot about Sikkim. My wife is a travel journalist and there is a travel company, which has invited us to come over here and to try some of the travelling experiences,” he added.

He admitted that he first came to India when he was 18. Recalling his first time in India, he said: “I came to India when I was 18. I had just left school and taken a year off before going to university and Delhi with the first place I arrived. And imagine an 18-year-old boy who grew up in the Midlands of the United Kingdom, coming to Delhi.I remember the smell, the noise, the atmosphere… that has stayed with me for 20 years. Every time I come back I’ve also travelled to new places. I think there are amazing landscapes, the kindness of the people and I’ve never experienced colour so much as I do in India. It’s incredibly special. And I’d be very lucky to have been managed to travel so much around India.”

Benjamin Caron has helmed four episodes of season three of The Crown. The show will go live on November 17.

Caron is a BAFTA nominated director who has also worked on projects like The Heist, Skins and Sherlock.

Season three of The Crown will span the years 1964-77, and will end before Margaret Thatcher’s term as Prime Minister.