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Camila Cabello ‘always’ has crush on somebody

IANS | New Delhi |

Singer Camila Cabello says she always has a crush on somebody.

The 20-year-old believes she has never had a serious relationship because of her hectic schedule, but she does dream of finding her true love one day, reports “The way that I have worked makes it hard for relationships, on friendships, even health. I always have a crush on somebody. It’s just how I am! It’s boring without that. A girl’s gotta daydream,” Cabello said.

Cabello found fame with the Fifth Harmony band before departing the group in 2016. Although she’s gearing up to drop her debut solo album later this month, she likes to spend her free time pretending she is not famous.

“I do like to forget that I’m a singer or somebody that’s famous. In Los Angeles, it was hard to have people just look at me as a 20-year-old kid. It was like I didn’t really have a life outside of the studio,” she said.