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‘Salman is man with a heart of gold’

IANS | Mumbai |

New co-stars like Saqib Saleem and Freddy Daruwala as well as frequent collaborators Jacqueline Fernandez and Daisy Shah heaped praise on their Race 3 co-star Salman Khan, calling the superstar a very loving, caring and respectful person to everyone around him.

Jacqueline, who worked with Salman in Kick, told IANS here: “There is an energy around him that might just make you feel intimidated when you meet Salman first time.

“I do not think he means to be like that but his aura is very strong… even after years, as a friend and co-star, when I am with him on set, I still get very very nervous, conscious… God knows what. I forget my dialogues at times. We all are more relaxed when we are just chatting and chilling…

“However, in the beginning, I used to be conscious even off sets. I think with time, that has gone. Once you know him, you realize he is really a nice man with big heart.”

Saqib, who is working with the Dabangg star for the first time, said: “In the beginning, I had a moment of feeling overwhelmed. But keeping that aside, I have learnt so many things from him, most importantly to be respectful to people.”

“We all have our way to treat our subordinates and collaborators differently. But that man, with a heart of gold, genuinely treats everyone with equal respect whether a spot boy or a film director.

“I think one of the important things that I have learnt is how power lies in togetherness. Nothing is bigger than the power of people that Salman Sir has earned over the period of time. I think, as a public figure, I wish to achieve that,” he added.

Seconding his point, Daisy who has worked with Salman in films like Tere Naam and Jai Ho, said: “Yes, I noticed how Salman Sir prioritized other actors in the film before him, though we all know it is a Salman Khan film for the larger audience. He is a people’s person. He is a caring person by nature.”

Freddy, who got injured during the action workshop before the film started, mentioned: “I was looked after very well. Salman Sir made sure that none of my scenes in the film affect my injury. He is caring by nature. He has a heart of gold.

“He said one thing that I will remember forever – ‘If you want to work your best at longest, taking care of your body should be your priority. If you look after your body, your body will look after you in future’.”

As the actor got some tips from Salman, he said: “I think on set, as an actor, he is a cool guy. As we all know that he has an experience in cinema, he explains things to his co-stars like us very nicely; about camera angle, how to hold your body in a certain way to look larger on screen. As an actor, those things really help us…”

Directed by Remo D’souza, Race 3 will release on June 15.