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It’s too early for a memoir from me: Vidya Balan

IANS | Mumbai |

Actress Vidya Balan says she wants to gather more experiences in life before sitting down to write her memoir.

The actress also said that writing a memoir requires certain amount of discipline, which she lacks. 

"I think it is too early for a memoir from me. I still want to gather many more experiences in life before I get down to that, because it requires a lot of discipline which I don't think I have. I am only disciplined on the set," Vidya said in a statement. 

The actress was last seen on screen in Begum Jaan and Kahani 2: Durga Rani Singh, which will beam on the small screen on Sunday on Zee Cinema. 

After back to back intense roles, Vidya is busy with slice-of-life comedy film Tumhari Sulu.

Talking about the film, Vidya said: "I am doing a film called Tumhari Sulu which is a light-hearted film about a housewife who suddenly finds herself doing the job of a late night radio jockey. So that allows for a lot of funny moments."

Ahead of Mother's Day on May 14, Vidya looked back to the time spent with her mother. 

"I remember in the scorching heat, my mom and I were walking back from school and we pass this huge open space where a mad woman used to stay. Every afternoon, I was petrified of the fact that she might spot me and run to me. And, I would always feel so secure holding my mother's hand," she said.