Sunny Leone, who is not only the hottest actress in B-town but also a smart entrepreneur has revealed her first love!

Well, it was not her husband Daniel Webber and not what you think!

Sunny, who is now the co-owner of Kochi-based football team, Kerala Cobras, has revealed about her first love and what the ravishing actress said might shock you.

Ahead of the Premier Futsal season 2, the actress shared about her childhood and how ‘football’ became her first love.

“Having grown up in Canada and later in the US, football was our neighbourhood sport. It’s my first love. I was always an athletic kid and was naturally drawn to it,” the actress said.

The actress thinks football is a great sport and keeps you fit and in shape.

“Being part of something bigger than yourself is always a great way to take [your own] brand ahead. After evaluating the league and the team, we felt it would be a great fit.” the actress added.

Where women are only limited to acting or adding glamour quotient to the film, the Laila of Bollywood is keen on exploring other ventures in the industry for a successful run.