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Bhuvan Arora adopts horse

IANS | Mumbai |

 "The Test Case" actor Bhuvan Arora is excited about adopting a horse.

"Since my childhood I wanted to have a horse, but I couldn't. Now, I am excited to own a horse. I have adopted one. I don't keep him with me, but I go to meet him. I'm taking care of the expenditure and looking after him as well," Bhuvan said in a statement.

"I feel the love they offer is purest in form. They are really calm and obedient," he added.

Bhuvan loves travelling as well.

"Sometimes I just pack my bags and travel to nearby places that I haven't visited. Exploring non-tourist spots is a lot of fun… be it hills, valleys or beaches. Nature is so overwhelming and beautiful that it refreshes you whenever you need a break from a hectic life," he said.