On the occasion of Punjabi rapper Bohemia’s birthday, Yash Raj Films launched the rapper’s new song titled “Kadi Kadi”.

A track that revolves around an old-flame that no longer responds to his love, “Kadi Kadi” is Bohemia’s version of a romantic rap. The track, however, could have been filmed in a better way.

Fans have been pouring birthday wishes for the star on social media.

Roger Davis, better known by his stage name Bohemia and Raja, was born on October 15, 1979, in Karachi, Pakistan.

Credited to have created the desi hip-hop as a genre in music, Bohemia was one of the earliest rappers in not just Punjabi music, but from the music industry to have embraced the style in the US where his family migrated when he was thirteen. Having cited influences like ghazals for his music, Bohemia’s distinct voice has experimented with spoken poetry and rhythm for the last 20 years now. While his discography is diverse and varied, some of his raps are iconic and evergreen and continue to be favourites and go-to for fans across the world. Here are some that you could listen to understand the man behind the music better.




“Bijlee”, from the artist’s 2017 album Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter, is one of the hard-hitting songs from the album that narrates a tragic tale of a girl-next-door dealing with peer pressure and the society she lives in.


Kali Denali


“Kali Denali” became a crowd favourite within the first few weeks of its release in 2006. The song was from his second album titled Pesa nasha pyar which became the first full Punjabi rap album to be released by a major music label.


Ek Tera Pyar


Just when he was being typecasted into a gangster rapper, Bohemia sang this romantic rap number with Devika who gave the female vocals for the hook line.


Na Suno


This rap came as a confession of his own musical journey and the hardships the rapper faced in his career. A personal tirade speaks of the sacrifice that comes with following one’s dreams, “Na Suno” is one of Bohemia’s most distinct tracks.


Sade Warga


A rather different track, “Sade Warga” did not have a music video when it was launched, but managed to create such a fan base that there is always contention about it being one of Bohemia’s s best.

Apart from singles and collaborations with other artistes, Bohemia has also sung a few songs in Bollywood, the likes of which include songs in Chandni Chowk to China and Desi Boyz.