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Bigg Boss 13, Day 44, Nov 13: Vishal, Paras, Mahira and Devoleena to compete for captaincy task

The task begins again in full swing and everyone try their best to come out of the hole first.

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Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with the housemates resuming with their previous day task.

Vishal ends up breaking Himanshi’s plate calling her an undeserving candidate for captaincy. Sidharth and Paras get into an ugly spat yet again. Asim tells Sidharth about the difficulties he is having during the task. Rashami ends up shouting at Sidharth but Mahira asks her to calm down and ignore him. Mahira and Shefali get involved in a fight and the latter ends up pushing her.

Bigg Boss announces that the present phase of the task has come to an end. Vishal has a conversation with Sidharth Shukla and he calls him the strongest contestant in the show. Meanwhile, Devoleena tells Rashami and Arhaan that Shehnaaz is the main reason behind Sidharth and Asim’s fight.

The next morning, housemates wake up to the song “Khalnayak”. Paras tells Shefali that he cannot wash the utensils as he has not been allowed by the doctor to do so. Mahira says that she will wash the utensils in the afternoon. She bursts out when Shefali forces her to wash the utensils in the morning hours. Shefali gets into an ugly spat with Paras and Mahira over the kitchen duties. Hindustani Bhau comes and lightens Mahira’s mood, thereby trying to calm her down.

However, Mahira and Shefali’s fight continues over duties. Shehnaaz asks everyone to calm down but Mahira takes it personally and bursts out at her. The other housemates including Arti, Devoleena and others get into the conversation and the situation worsens.

Vishal and Shehnaaz have a discussion about Arti and how she pokes her nose in everyone’s conversations. Shehnaaz also talks about her present situation with Sidharth Shukla. Paras tells Rashami that the entire task has been made only for Vishal. He also says that Vishal isn’t wrong as he seems. Sidharth asks Arti not to interfere in between conversations. He advises her to show her true self rather than being fake.

Around mid-day, the task resumes and the contestants continue the game as per their strategy. However, a masterstroke by Bigg Boss changed the nature of the game. After Vishal broke Rashami’s plate as per his and Sidharth’s plan, Bigg Boss declared Vishal as the contender of captaincy and announced that he will not be the ‘Rakshas’ anymore. The task begins again in full swing and everyone try their best to come out of the hole first. Arhaan is the first one to come out and breaks Shefali’s plate calling her biased.

Asim, Sidharth and Shefali have a discussion as to why Asim is not able to come out of the hole. Sidharth tries to make Asim understand the game. The task resumes and Arhaan ends up coming out first again and breaks Shehnaaz’s plate. Arti and Shefali have a discussion about Asim. Arti seems surprised as Asim did not take out a single sack. Arhaan praises Asim saying that he has performed well in all the previous tasks. Arhaan comes out of the hole again in the next phase and breaks Bhau’s plate.

Sidharth tries to explain the game to Shefali but she ends up saying that she is playing for her own team. Asim tries his best to come out in the next phase of the task but is unable to do so. He coughs a lot and others come to his aid. Arhaan breaks Arti’s plate giving the reason that she has already been the captain of the house. Bigg Boss announces that the task has finally come to an end. Vishal, Paras, Mahira and Devoleena are the ones who will be competing for the captaincy task.

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