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Bigg Boss 13, Day 36, Nov 05: Bigg Boss announces new task; Sidharth Shukla gets violent

The housemates are divided into two teams – Team Paras (Arhaan, Khesari, Tehseen, Mahira and Shehnaaz) and Team Asim (Sidharth, Aarti, Vikas, Himanshi and Shefali).

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In Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, the contestants crossed all the limits by hurting each other physically during a task. The show began with the housemates, especially Shefali and Arti, discussing Paras’ move during the nomination task stating that he can never be a true friend to anyone.

Paras tries to clear things out with Shefali. He says that he sees her spending time with Sidharth’s group including Arti, Asim and others. The two of them hug each other and forget their differences. Sidharth and Asim talk about Arhaan’s allegation against them. Meanwhile, Khesari Lal Yadav tries to explain to Shehnaaz that it’s not long since he has entered the house because of which he has not been able to interact with anyone.

Paras also tries to sort things out between Himanshi and Shehnaaz and asks the latter to say sorry on camera for using abusive words against Himanshi’s parents. In another part of the house, Vikas Pathak, as usual, jokes about pimples and tells Arti, Asim, Siddharth and Tehseen that putting dirty undies on face while bathing will remove pimples. The housemates have a hearty laugh over this epic remedy.

Shehnaaz expresses her anger in front of Paras and says that her emotions for all the housemates are over. Meanwhile, Sidharth, Arti, Asim and Shefali have a discussion about Shehnaaz and her changed behaviour towards them. Shehnaaz gets emotional and talks on the camera saying that she has become lonely and that her attachments with her friends have ended. She cries her heart out inside the blanket without anyone noticing her. She tells herself that she will also become selfish like the others.

Next day, the housemates wake up to the song “Mai Nikla Gaddi Leke”. Paras advises Shehnaaz again to be sweet with Himanshi. Hindustani Bhau says that Paras has made a fool out of Mahira and Shehnaaz. Himanshi says that Mahira is still fine but it is Shehnaaz whose confidence has gone down because of his influence. Hindustani Bhau tries to speak in English which leaves everyone in splits. He goes and asks Mahira to take care of the ‘Dal’ in the kitchen. He comes back and says that she is doing makeup. Arti and Shehnaaz have a minor tiff about the same matter.

Shehnaaz and Arhaan have a discussion about Sidharth and Asim. She tells him that she does not want to fight with them despite the fact that they are ignoring her. They also discuss the way in which things changed after the nominations. Shehnaaz bursts out at Asim for talking about ‘ration.’ The two of them have a major fight later on. Asim also accuses her of keeping the bathroom dirty. Arhaan comes in between and fights with Asim as the others turn mute spectators. Sidharth comes in between and ends up fighting with Arhaan. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz goes and dances in front of the camera post which she hides from others. Later on, she comes and says that no one will interfere in her matters from now on. Asim and Arhaan’s fight continues till afternoon and Sidharth also indulges in it later on. This fight leads to another tiff between Paras and Sidharth.

Around mid-day, Bigg Boss announces the next task of the house – ‘Bigg Boss Transportation Services.’ The housemates are divided into two teams – Team Paras (Arhaan, Khesari, Tehseen, Mahira and Shehnaaz) and Team Asim (Sidharth, Aarti, Vikas, Himanshi and Shefali). The teams are asked to collect stock from the garden area and ensure that they pick the maximum things. Later, according to the rules, both the teams will load their stock in the truck and the team with the maximum stock will win the task. However, it was not mentioned in the rules that any member from the opponent’s team can snatch stock from other team members.

The task begins on an energetic note with all the housemates playing well for their respective teams. Shehnaaz steals some sacks from the other team but is asked not to do so. Sidharth and Hindustani Bhau have a secret discussion which irks Asim. He also has a major tiff with Sidharth later on. The task resumes again in full swing and all the housemates fight hard to load their things into the truck. Asim tries to clear things out with Sidharth but the latter bursts out and goes away. However, they reconcile again after some time. The housemates count their respective boxes and sacks later on. Asim’s team has the most number of items.

Paras asks his team about the housemate who wants to take rest for the second round of the task. Later on, he announces that Shehnaaz will be taking rest for the next round. She chides Asim and Sidharth for laughing at her. Mahira confronts Paras as to why he took her name as Sidharth and Asim make fun of them. Paras advises Mahira not to throw tantrums in the midst of the task. Both of them taunt and make fun of Sidharth as he arrives there. Sidharth comes back for a fight but Paras and Mahira handle it in a light manner.

The task resumes again and Sidharth ends up hurting Mahira. Now, it will be seen only in the upcoming episode what action will Bigg Boss take against him for the same.

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