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Bigg Boss 13, Day 30, Oct 30: Bigg Boss announces ‘BB Home Delivery’ task; Shefali Zariwala to enter as wild card contestant

Shefali Zariwala, who will soon join Bigg Boss 13 as a wild card contestant was made to watch the happenings of the task from a secret room.

SNS | New Delhi |

Bigg Boss 13, Wednesday’s episode was an interesting one. It began with Shukla and Devoleena’s fight when Rashami’s team unanimously decided to send the former to jail. Rashami Desai cleared her reason to Bigg Boss behind nominating Shukla’s name for jail. Asim Riaz was also nominated to be sentenced in jail.

Meanwhile, Rashami and Arti Singh attempt to have a conversation about the misunderstandings and fights they have had in the past. During the conversation, Arti Singh confronts Rashami about her and Shukla’s dating rumours.

Desai asks her why would she do that, to which Arti says that she has heard that it was just to shift focus from Rashami-Shukla’s ‘relation’. Rashami says that even if she confronts her off-camera, the answer will be the same. Arti asks what trust issues Rashami has with her, while Rashami tells Arti to remove Shukla’s topic and then talk, which Arti refuses. Mahira confronts them and asks them to talk slowly rather than arguing. While talking to her group, Rashami screams to Paras and Shehnaaz that Arti is involving Shukla and that he will just come to fight. Arti defends herself before the other girls. Rashami breaks down while stating that she has a hope that outsiders will support her. Rashami says Shukla would accuse her of bitching about him. Arti tells Rashami that Shehnaaz told Shukla about the talk. Rashami asks Arti to talk without taking his name. She also warns that she would walk out. Rashami accuses Arti of constantly talking on the topic. Arti suggested talking outside the house.

Next day, Shefali Zariwala was seen with headphones, keeping a tab on contestants’ move from a secret room. Shefali Bagga announces the task ‘BB Home Delivery’, which was a gateway for two contestants to get a direct ticket to finale. Three male contestants were sent to three tiny houses built in the garden area of the Bigg Boss house, who were to place orders to the kitchen, which was managed by five chefs. One delivery girl (chosen by the female contestants) was to deliver the orders to each of the male contestants. However, the delivery person had the advantage of refusing the delivery. The male contestant with the highest number of deliveries received would win the ticket to finale and would get to pick a female Jodidaar to take her directly to the finale.

Paras Chhabra was the first one to place an order, followed by Asim and then Sidharth. Arti Singh, Sana Khan and Mahira were chosen as the chefs for the first session but everybody appeared reluctant to prepare food for Sidharth Shukla. Devoleena was the delivery girl, who hand-delivered the food to Paras Chhabra. For the next session, Shehnaaz was the delivery girl and she ensured that Asim Riaz got his food. Sidharth Shukla was snubbed both times.

Shefali Zariwala, who will soon join Bigg Boss 13 as a wild card contestant was made to watch the happenings of the task from a secret room. “Why does nobody want to cook for Sidharth Shukla?” she wondered out loud at the end of the episode.

Bigg Boss season 13 was launched on September 29, 2019, and since day 1, it has been associated with drama and controversy. To get daily updates and more news about Bigg Boss 13, keep surfing