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Bigg Boss 13, Day 24, Oct 24: ‘Snake and Ladder’ task put on hold again, angry Bigg Boss nominates everyone

Around mid-day, Bigg Boss ordered the housemates to resume the ‘Snake and Ladder’ task but warned that they should play with rules and dignity this time.

SNS | New Delhi |

From ugly fights to dirty politics, Bigg Boss 13 contestants are getting more aggressive by each passing day. The last night episode revealed why the Bigg Boss house seems to be a dangerous place to live in.

On Thursday, the episode began with Bigg Boss scolding housemates for creating a mess and spoiling the Snake and ladder task. He also applauded the female contestants for trying their best to ensure that the task is continued.

Early in the morning, angry bird Devoleena told Rashami that she won’t cook chapatis for Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill, Asim Riaz and Arti Singh. In some time, Asim and Shehnaaz both get into a tussle with Devoleena and starts removing utensils — that Devoleena had placed on the gas stove — to cook their food. Later, it was decided that the two groups will cook their food separately.

Around mid-day, Bigg Boss ordered the housemates to resume the ‘Snake and Ladder’ task but warned that they should play with rules and dignity this time. When the task began, furious Asim threw a ball of mud at Shefali, though he missed the target.

Inside the house, Rashami, Paras, Mahira and Devoleena gather together and make strategies to destroy the opponent team. However, just like the previous episode, this time also the contestants refuse to carry out the task decently and start destroying the opponent’s plank. While the groups earlier decided that they will protect at least one plank of their team to win the task, it appeared each of them forgot the motto and started pulling down the opponent’s ladders.

During the task, both the groups got into a physical fight, where Shefali and Mahira pushed Arti and Shehnaz. Shehnaz tries to instigate Siddhartha Dey by going near him and threatening to throw mud at him. However, she wasn’t touching him. But her actions made Siddhartha Dey aggressive and he called her shameless and made a rude comment against her. He then also pushed her after which she started arguing with him.

Later, Shefali also targeted Shehnaaz and said, “Baar baar dusro ko chhu rahi hai, rang laga rahi hai ye sabko dikhai de raha hai.. baar baar touch karne ke bahane dhundh rahi hai.” Furious Shehnaz later broke down in front of her group members and said the housemates were irrelevantly questioning her relations with other guys in the house. As the contestants got more agitated, Bigg Boss decided to put the task on hold, once again. Later, Shehnaz targets Shefali for calling her ‘shameless’ and things get out of control, with the duo getting into an ugly physical fight in the garden area.

Shefali yells at the camera saying that she wants justice for her scratches caused by Shehnaaz and later tells Paras that either she or Shehnaaz must leave the house.

When Bigg Boss announces the end of the task, housemates are told that the dirt in the garden area was actually symbolic of the “dirt” inside them. Bigg Boss then nominates everyone, as a punishment, leaving it to the viewers to take a fair decision.

Shefali, later in the evening, asks for the door to be opened and insists that she wants to leave as she felt threatened inside the house.