Vinci Da is a thrilling Bengali motion picture directed by Srijit Mukherjee. The movie is a tribute to those who never come on screen but do an excellent job behind it. While that forms one part of the story, the other part develops gradually. The “other part” is actually a lawyer, more accurately a boy who loves law and punishment. And that’s where the movie begins.

It all begins with a young Adi Bose (Riddhi Sen), scarred by the domestic violence, which frequented in his house. It was the night before his birthday. He was sitting quietly on his bed in his comfy room with a huge book in his hands. It was a law book. When the shouts came from the next room he calmly stopped his reading, got up from the bed, walked into the room and boldly took a stance against the wrong doings of his drunken father. But when things didn’t exactly make a difference he chose a cleverer but a darker path.

He planned his trials properly before he killed his father with a bat and called the cops. Since he was 17 on the night he killed his father he was able to escape jail. Even though he didn’t get the job of a professional lawyer after college, he was the best at law and other junior lawyers came to him, seeking his methods. But who he truly was under this mask, was a ‘serial lawyer’; that’s right, not a serial killer, but a serial lawyer.

While all of this happened, another man, living in another corner of this huge city, with a completely different nature follows his noble father’s footsteps. His father was a make-up artist and so was he. With the help of computers and other technological advancements he was able to master the art of makeover with better skills.

This artist is the narrator of this twisted story. When two individuals sarcastically called him Vinci Da, since he was of the opinion that Da Vinci’s work was incomparable to the works of other artists, the name stuck.

Vinci Da narrates to us the way their lives suddenly intertwined and crashed into one another. He tells us about his guilt for the crimes he didn’t commit. He tells us how his partner in crime destroyed innocent lives in order to bring justice into this world and how he was trapped amidst all that heartless and blind judgements. Filled with intense twists, an atmosphere of tension and an insight into the lives of those who live harsh lives, this film is a great watch, which makes us question our morality and justice.

Apart from the cinematography and screenplay, the score by Indradeep Dasgupta and the amazing songs by Anupam Roy simply give this film an enthralling experience. Vinci Da is merely the story teller, the genius behind the scenes. But will he be able to deliver the final judgement and get away unscathed? To know what happens at end when these two forces collide with a grand facade of masks and judgmental crimes, give it a watch.

FILM: Vinci Da

DIRECTOR: Srijit Mukerjee

CAST: Rudranil Ghosh, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Riddhi Sen and Sohini Sarkar