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After Bihar, Rajasthan declares Super 30 tax-free

Hrithik Roshan and Anand Kumar thanked Ashok Gehlot for the gesture on social media.

SNS | New Delhi |

Super 30 is being appreciated across all quarters of the country. Bollywood filmmakers and actors have all been showering Hrithik Roshan with praise for his acting in the film, and the makers for making a film on a subject that is socially prevalent.

Recently, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu appreciated the makers, Hrithik Roshan for the film, and Anand Kumar-the Patna based mathematician on whose endeavours the film is based on- for his commitment towards uplifting an underprivileged section of the society by imparting them education and training.

Now, the appreciation has come from yet another quarter. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan declared the film tax-free in the state of Rajasthan stating, ” We must take inspiration from such films and imbibe the value of ‘excellence in education’ in the youth of our society today. I hereby declare this film tax-free in the state of #Rajasthan.”

He further wrote on his official Twitter handle, ” #Super30 based on the real story of Mr. #AnandKumar is an inspiring film of recent times. It is an excellent example of exceptional willpower and determination, that despite all odds- success is achievable.”

Anand Kumar thanked Ashok Gehlot for the gesture on social media. He wrote, “Honourable CM @ashokgehlot51 ji, Many thanks for declaring ‘Super 30’ film tax-free .You congratulated me on phone after the release of the film and now this gesture will help students and teachers across Rajasthan watch the film and take its strong message.#super30 @iHrithik.”

Hrithik also took to social media to thank the Chief Minister for the gesture. He wrote on Twitter, “Thank you so much honourable @ashokgehlot51Ji for blessing us with this privilege. ”


Earlier, on July 15, Bihar had declared Super 30 tax free.