Even as the 4th International Yoga Day was celebrated on Thursday, youngsters appear to be divided when it comes to performing Yoga Asanas or using a gym for fitness.

While youngsters practicing Yoga enlist its benefits to the mind, body and spirit, some others believe workout at a gym is better for improving the shape of the body.

“Gymming is the new trend of lifestyle. Gymming provides us with bulky muscles and tonned body which is the demand of the time and opposite gender. Yoga is only for fitness and getting lean body  but big muscles are more important than fitness at now. Gymming help you to obtain good looks which make you look more adorable and fascinating,” a student, Nikhil Kapoor (20).Another student, Shubham Jolly said,”Yoga provides me with the mental peace and strength to fight with the various disturbances of mind. Meditation, a form of yoga  increases my focus. Financial  issues are also another cause for not joining gym as it costs lot more than doing Yoga,”he added.

While many Yoga classes are available in the city free of cost. A number of free yoga trainers are available in various parks in the morning. But joining a good gym requires Rs 12000 to Rs 50,000 per year in addition to expenditure on supplements required with gymming.

But besides economics, there are many who prefer Yoga over a gym workout for more than a reason.