A world class tourist facilitation and interpretation centre with water bodies, parking, new age museum, galleries depicting the history, culture and architecture of Odisha will add glory to the magnificent Sun Temple, Konark.

The Interpretation Centre is spread across eight acres. Developed as a new-age museum, the Interpretation Centre uses different means of communication to aid and stimulate the discovery process while enhancing the visitor’s intellectual and emotional connect to the site.

The Interpretation Centre has been designed to be userfriendly and interactive, with multiple exhibits and multimedia displays. Boasting five galleries depicting the history, culture and architecture of Odisha, the Interpretation Centre also features galleries dedicated to the many Sun temples in India and across the world.

Touch-screen kiosks and multimedia depictions, together with sculptures, scale models and artefacts in the five galleries make for fabulous viewing. Visitors will be delighted with the fusion of sight and sound at the 60-seater auditorium with state-of-the art audio-visual and acoustics systems.

Here, animated films depicting the origins and history of the Sun Temple at Konark will be stellar attractions. A rare fusion of the old and the new will be an exhibit of murals and sculptures by Padma Shree Raghunath Mahapatra, the world renowned master sculptor of Odisha.

The entire complex built by the Indian Oil Foundation, will be inaugurated on 1 April to coincide with Odisha statehood day by Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Addressing a press conference here today Subrata Barma, Executive Direct and CEO, Indian Oil Foundation said the Indian Oil Foundation, a non-profit Trust fully funded by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

has developed world class Interpretation Centre and Tourist facilitation Centre around UNESCO Wold Heritage Site of Sun Temple Konark at a cost of Rs. 45 crore.

The Tourist Facilitation Centre is laced with adequate parking bay for buses, cars and two wheelers of the visiting tourists, driver’s facility block, ample public amenities like cafeteria, toilets and drinking water etc.

the main avenue leading to the temple from outer ring road has been developed with paver block, water bodies and suitable landscaping. Pritish Bharat, CGM, IndianOil Corporation Ltd.

Odisha was also present at the press conference. Built in the 13th century, the Konark temple was conceived as a gigantic chariot of the Sun God, with 12 pairs of exquisitely ornamented wheels pulled by seven horses.

As the Sun Temple stands as a testimony to our centuriesold heritage, there is an urgent and pressing need to re-connect the masses – especially the youth – with the rich culture and history of Odisha.

This necessitates further development of this UNESCO world heritage site so that visitors can explore it in greater detail and spend quality time discovering its many facets, said Mr Barma.

The Indian Oil Foundation is currently developing tourist friendly infrastructure facilities at four more heritage sites in India.