In a bid to provide relief to slum dwellers of ward-93 from drinking water woes, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) begins construction works of a booster pumping station in Bangur Park that is expected to supply clean drinking water directly from the Garden Reach Water Works (GRWW) to the effected belt.

The civic body has begun the installation works of a booster pump along with an underground water reservoir in ward-93 under KMC, an initiative taken by the ward’s councillor, Mr Ratan Dey.

The slum dwellers of Gobindapur slum and of Rahim Ostagar Road had been complaining for long regarding the poor quality of drinking water that they receive.

The KMC had installed a hand pump earlier near Gobindapur but the residents alleged that the water that was being pumped out of it was red in colour, indicating high iron levels, thus unfit for drinking.

Explaining the issue, Mr Dey, the local councillor and member mayor-incouncil (MMIC), roads, said: “The problem of supplying Garden Reach water to that particular belt was a gradient issue.The area is low due to which the flow of drinking water from the main pumping stations slowed down before reaching these areas. However, post installation of the booster pump, the water flow will be boosted by the pump and in turn will reach these belts with considerable ease.”

Adding to the existing woes, the dwellers had to walk a long way to fetch clean drinking water from a tap that draws water from the GRWW and had to walk back with heavy buckets filled with water.

This had left the residents inconvenienced for long now. To address the issue, Mr Dey had placed a proposal last year for construction of a booster pumping station in the concerned ward that would help supply drinking water to the affected belt from the GRWW.

At present, the booster pump along with an underground reservoir is being constructed at Bangur Park. The designated spot, a portion of Bangur Park, is currently being cleared to pave way for the installation works.

Talking on the project, Mr Ratan Dey told The Statesman: “The slums dwellers of Gobindapur and of Rahim Ostagar Road will now receive drinking water from the GRWW.

“The installation of the booster pump along with an underground reservoir will help distribute drinking water to these belts from the Garden Reach water plant. We have already started the necessary works.”