Kiran Sharma, 42, a resident of Kanpur, was struggling to conceive for 13 years. She visited a number of IVF centres and tried all options available in the assisted fertility basket, but to no avail.

The problem with Kiran was that her womb could not hold the embryo as her endometrium (a layer of mucous membranes lining the inside of the uterus) was not thick enough. Consequently, she had multiple abortions. The endometrium is the place inside the womb where the fertilised egg lodges itself and is nurtured.

“The absence of a thick enough endometrium is often the reason for surrogacy (renting a womb). The miracle in Kiran’s case came in the form of stem cells injected in her womb which helped form a good 8 mm of endometrium lining. This coupled with a generous dose of plasma rich platelets helped Kiran to conceive and deliver successfully. The injection of Kiran’s own stem cells formed a motherhood grade endometrium in her womb,” said Prabhu Mishra, CEO of StemGenn Therapeutics.

“Kiran had problems with her ovary and endometrium. The thickness of her endometrium which should ideally be 6mm to 8mm never reached beyond 3 mm. I connected with Kiran’s IVF specialist and told her about stem cell therapy and how it could help,” said Dr Mishra, adding that he extracted stem cells from Kiran’s blood and started the treatment.

“After three weeks, changes started taking place in the endometrium and soon it attained the required thickness.  Her B-HCG was around 1300. Her ovarian defect too, was taken care of with this stem cell injection. Kiran conceived and could deliver safely,” explained Dr Mishra.

He claimed that this is the first successful case of pregnancy conceived through stem cell therapy for endometrium regeneration in India.