The state government is working to give final touchs to plans to promote home stays as a vital cog in the tourism industry in the state. The tourism department is working with corporate houses to get the ambitious project up and running, possibly by the pujas this year, according to Mr Indranil Sen, minister of state for tourism.

“The tourism department in close cooperation with corporate houses is giving final touchs to a plan to promote home stays in the state. It might be a bit late compared to other states but things have begun to be put in place. Tourism in the state has taken a turn for the better since Mamata Banerjee took the mantle in 2011.

Bengal has peeped states like Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa in terms of international tourists inflow ~ the state ranks 5th in terms of foreign tourists in the state”, said Sen. He went on to add that the state would promote marriage tourism for various castes and religions. According to Vijay Dewan, chairman, tourism subcommittee, CII Eastern Region, home stay is a project that the hoteliers and
entrepreneurs are working on in an effort to expand tourism accommodations beyond the hotels.

“As far as the state government’s tourism policy is concerned the idea is to rent out rooms to tourists by home owners. For that they will have to register with the state tourism department detailing all the facilities and amenities, safety and security features to be offered”.

Atri Bhattacharya, state principal secretary of home and tourism, said that keeping in view the biggest festival in the state, the Durga Puja, “home stay tourism is something that the state is eyeing and investors should come forward to help in this direction”.