Tourism and Civil Aviation Director Yunus, on Saturday, was conferred with the State Award-2019 for ‘Best Electoral Practices Award’ on the occasion of National Voters Day-2020.

He was conferred with the award by Himachal Governor Bandaru Dattatraya during an event organized at historic Gaiety Theatre by State Election Commission to celebrate National Voters Day.

Yunus, during his stint as Deputy Commissioner Kullu district, had been instrumental in enhancing the voter turnout and the Electors to Population (EP) ratio during the 2019 Lok Sabha (LS) elections.

The voter turnout in Kullu district, that stood at 62.24 per cent during the 2014 LS elections, increased to 75.60 per cent in the 2019 LS elections.

Similarly, the EP also witnessed an increase from 605 during the 2014 LS elections to 633 during the 2019 LS elections.

The overall voter turnout in Himachal Pradesh during the 2019 LS election was 72.42 per cent.