HP Polls: Pol parties embracing new technology to reach out to voters

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Photo: SNS

As the campaigns for Himachal Pradesh assembly elections have begun, by the political parties, it is being significantly revolutionized by the latest technologies ditching traditional tactics of rallying and distributing pamphlets.

Since, the traditional way of reaching out to people doesn’t resonate with the younger generation, social media presence has grown significantly as a platform for disseminating information

Shimla’s well-known parking lot has become a go-to location for parties to make their intentions clear.Posts or stories have been going viral one after the other.


Recently, “Phir aa rhe hain congress is the slogan of the opening advertisement in response to that BJP put a banner written Jai Ram Ki Shapat Main ..

Reacting to this,  Congress party again displayed a poster written  ‘Shapat ka sapna tutega Kyunki aa rhi hain congress’ but How bjp can resist without responding to it so ,BJP posted another poster with the clever response, “Phir se Vipaksh main. The advertising conflict makes both sides’ agendas transparent and open.

Social media has become a huge platform for spreading information. However, popular parking lot of the Shimla has become the favorite spot for the parties to clear the motive.

The advertisement war makes the agenda of both parties clear and open. Meanwhile, people are enjoying this slogan war and posting funny memes.