High flying BJD MP Baijayanta Panda, who has been marginalised in the party since last four years, continued to fire salvos at a bureaucrat in the CMO for the orchestrated farcical stream of “complaints” against him. But in doing so Panda seemed to have undermined BJD supremo and CM Naveen Patnaik, though he still describes him as his ‘leader’.

“I’m terribly anguished that my leader, whom I’ve assisted, admired & supported for more than two decades, does not seem to be aware of this conspiracy ?? I even saw a news report that when two senior party colleagues were summoned to meet him regarding their media comments against this bureaucrat politician, the fellow himself was present !” wrote Panda in his facebook today.

By alleging that the bureaucrat had taken control of the party, Panda has virtually challenged CM Naveen Patnaik who , earlier this month had, in response to a similar charge, asserted that ‘ he is in full control’. The Chief Minister and BJD president had rubbished all such allegations as baseless. More recently , he had said “when they do not have any issues ,they target my office” Yet Panda persists with the charge that the said bureaucrat is in command of the party and in the same breath expresses loyalty to Naveen Patanik. BJD circles here hit back saying Panda does not have the courage to direct his attack on Naveen Patnaik.

He wants to go to the BJP and is searching for an excuse, they alleged. Is he implying that Naveen Patnaik is a kid or a fool to be guided and controlled , unaware of all that is going on questioned a few BJD activists here. They charged that Panda had no contribution whatsoever to the party since 2000. He has firmed up his links with the BJP and has turned aggressive now as a build up to his exit, they alleged. Of late an orchestrated campaign has been on with groups of people from Panda’s parliamentary constituency meeting Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and complaining against the MP.

The Chief Minister has asked the party observer of Kendrapara district to enquire in to the allegations made by the party workers. MP Baijayanta Panda reacted to this ‘design’ by blaming the bureaucrat politician sitting in CMO. He alleged that party workers and office bearers of his parliamentary constituency were under tremendous pressure to hurl accusations against him.

“But rather than being angry, I’m just laughing at this hypocrisy, because these poor guys are under immense pressure, getting calls from officials in Chief Minister ‘s office that they will lose their party posts and not get tickets in future if they displease the babu-politician who is now controlling things.” said Panda. Speculations in BJD circles here is that Mr Naveen Patnaik may take disciplinary action against Panda by the end of this month.