Minutes before running out of the medical oxygen, a large tanker carrying the liquid medical oxygen reached the GTB hospital which had flagged that its oxygen supply will be over by 2 am on Wednesday.  The tanker reached the hospital just in time at 1:30 am.

More than 500 critical Covid-19 patients on oxygen were admitted at the hospital and the supply was not expected to last beyond 2 am.

The arrival of the oxygen sent a respite among the doctors who were extremely worried for the health of the 500 seriously ill patients. “It was a race against the time and we all had almost lost hope. We prayed to God for a miracle and when we saw the oxygen tanker arriving, the entire staff broke into tears,” an emotional resident doctor said.

At 10 pm on Tuesday, the Principal of University College of Medical Sciences and associated GTB hospital Dr Anil Jain had made a distress call to the Health Minister Satyendar Jain that the lives of 500 patients are at risk since the institution is left with just four hours of medical oxygen supply for its sick Covid patients.

The principal of Delhi government run-hospital had pleaded with Health Minister Satyendar Jain to immediately arrange the liquid medical Oxygen stock for the dedicated Covid facility as it is expected to run out of the Oxygen supply by 2 AM, principal Dr Anil Jain informed.

Satyendar Jain had, in turn, requested the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goel to restore the Oxygen supply to the GTB hospital to avert a major crisis there.

“Acute shortage of oxygen at GTB Hospital. Oxygen may not last beyond 4 hrs. More than 500 corona patients on oxygen. Please help Piyush Goel,” he tweeted.

“A catastrophe may occur in GTB hospital if the supply of liquid medical oxygen is not received before 2 am,” the health minister had tweeted further.